Burning Shame Award, Part II

Well, it was bound to happen. TF has been toppled from his/her throne of crazy. Check out the following back-to-back comments by the cleverly-named “Your Funny” in response to a local paper’s alarmist bullshit about Islam:

“or nuke-em all and let God sort-em out”

Your Funny | 12/8/2009 – 8:30 AM –

“time for us to deport all finatical muslims who believe we are all infidel’s and should be be-headed,close and tighten our boarders,and stop these oil-wars.Afghanistan: Hope we get out of their.!! since war and invasion is all they know.The British tried to settle Afghanistan,the Russians tried,neither could do it. don’t know if we can either..”

Your Funny | 12/8/2009 – 8:27 AM

The Lady's Not For Burning


Desperately Seeking SFL…

One of the delights of WordPress is that I can see the search terms that led people to my blog.  Here are a few of my favorites:

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Judgey judge

“Radicals are threatening [to make] America [a better place for ALL Americans].”

So, this op letter entitled ‘Radicals Are Threatening America’ was posted in the Kingsport-Times online site today. Radicals are threatening America?  More like radicals are threatening to make America a better place for EVERY American.  The letter goes off on the typical Glen Beck rant, opening with alarmist statements about how Van Jones is a “radical” with a “protest arrest history.”  Then it veers off into fearmongering about “America is at a point where we are caught with our pants down” and “all it will take is one small disturbance to push this country into martial law.”  And then finishes with the usual martyred cries about not being silenced by the government and fighting for the love of the Constitution.

I, for one, am sick to death of this false marginalization posturing of the Teabaggers. You Teabaggers are NOT a marginalized group.  You are NOT being threatened or silenced or disenfranchised.  Just because people disagree with you, or take issue with your logic, or question the veracity of your shrill assertions, that does not mean that you are some sort of victimized minority group. And get a grip – you aren’t rebels.  You are the easily manipulated puppets of Beck and his ilk.  And all the ‘tea parties?’  You aren’t doing anything that “radicals” and “protesters” haven’t already been doing for centuries.  The only difference is that for the first time in a LONG time, the people YOU don’t like are in a position of power.

Likewise, you teabaggers are not the ‘Spirit of America.’  We are ALL Americans.  And patriots.  You, Joe Teabagger, as an individual do not get to define what is “American” and what is not.  Just because you don’t like what someone stands for, that doesn’t mean that they are un-American just because they don’t agree with you. And while I am at it, I am also OVER the thinly-veiled (or open) threats of martial law, “incidents,” secession, etc.  Especially in a letter like this one where you begin by ranting about someone’s “radical” nature and protest history and how their very existence is a “threat.”

Teabag all you want.  I couldn’t be happier to see so many people vigorously enjoying their First Amendment rights.  Because I, too, love the Constitution.  So much so that I have taken an oath in three states and four federal districts to uphold it.  So much so that I racked up over 150 grand in debt to learn about it.  So much so that I have actually taken the time to read it AND understand what it means.  You Teabaggers need to quit acting like you are the only ‘Americans’ out there, and that only people that think like you have the right to be called ‘patriots.’

America isn’t caught with her pants down – you are. Pull them up and act like a grown-up.

Captain America

Captain America

Signs of the Times…

So, I couldn’t make it to the most recent town hall meeting due to fever delirium.  However, I am told there were a large number of progressive folks there.  I may have some video to post later.  But until then, Ash-Lee, activist super-hero and all around decent human being, has graciously allowed me to post her pictures from the event.  As usual, it appears that people are strongly opposed to abortion, progress, non-whites, non-christians, spelling, grammar, and common sense:






And my personal favorite:

So, all you anti-“Obamacare” folks out there still want to tell me this has NOTHING to do with race?  And what about this recent bullshit about Obama’s scheduled speech to schoolkids?  “Indoctrination” and “nazi mind-washing”?  Are you people insane?  I am sorry, but there is NO WAY that this sort of crap is not at least partially race-based. Where was this fear and rage before? From now on I am calling it like I see it. Gloves off.

These are people who are afraid that they are losing their white christian hetero male advantage. They see a black President. They see hispanic folks at their grocery stores. They see gay couples on t.v. They see women in roles of power. In other words, they see change is coming and that there is NOTHING they can do to stop it. But that isn’t going to keep them from letting the wealthy and corporate interests use their fear and manipulate them. That won’t stop them screaming about ‘healthcare’ or ‘taxes’ or ‘constitution.’ Two of which have always favored the white and the wealthy. But you know what? The Constitution favors NO ONE above anyone else. We are ALL entitled to its protections. So suck it up people. You had your chance. Change is here.

Bet you wish you had been nicer…