Demand-a-Dish: Chainsawin’ Makes Me Hungry!

Yeah people – Demand-A-Dish is BACK!!! My delightful parents have graciously agreed to come over this weekend for a good, ol’ fashioned chainsawin’. Dad is bringing the chainsaw and Mom will watch the spawn while I work out my rage issues on a row of overgrown privets. I am thinking about getting out the sawzall and doublefisting.

Anyhow, I promised them food. I cook for them a lot, so this is nothing special. My question for you all is, what sort of dish is perfect after a day of gas-fueled destruction in the chilly outdoors? Bear in mind, my parents are VERY conservative. I don’t know what, if any, impact this has on their dietary concerns, but I just thought you should know.

So vote for a general idea, then please leave a more specific demand in the Comments…

Is that Kosher?

So, Southern Beale will be happy to know that I am putting together my sufganiyot prep list. As this is a traditional Hanukkah dish (and yeah, I know, I am almost a month late), I want to keep things kosher. I know the milk v. meat meal thing, but other than that, I don’t know much about keeping (very basic) kosher. So if anyone has any insight, please let me know.

Not Sufganiyot. But Still Very Important.

….And It Is Sufganiyot With The WIN!!!

YAY!!! I get to make something that is filled with awesomeness AND fried! Check it out:


In general news, my Clan did the decorating and tree thing today, and I had BOTH prosecco AND the nog, so I am quite tipsy. Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!! ‘Til next time, gaze upon this deliciousness:


Demand-A-Dish – Special Holiday Pastry Edition

YAY! The holidays are HERE – and for me, that means time to make some fancy treats. So, I thought I would kick things off with a little Demand-A-Fancy-Regional-Treat action. Below are five different pastries and/or sweetbreads that I have not ever made before. (note that buche du noel is not on the list because (1) I have made it before and (2) plan to make it later this month).

If you have any experience with any of these, making or eating, please comment and share. . SO, vote early and often and TELL ME WHAT TO BAKE!

Stromboli Fun

Our most recent Demand-A-Dish winner was STROMBOLI. And I would like to thank you all for choosing the easiest dish on that list to make. Basically, stromboli is rolled up pizza — with some key distinctions. The first distinction:  work your pizza dough like a bread dough rather than a pizza dough. In other words, soften the yeast, knead the dough, and let it rise. I used a tweaked version of my pizza dough recipe:

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 teaspoons yeast
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 – 2 1/2 cups AP flour
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup grated parm-reg
  • 1 tablespoon chopped oregano
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Soften (proof) the yeast in the warm water and honey in pre-warmed bowl. In mixing bowl (yes, a different bowl), stir remaining ingredients (except for olive oil). Use only two cups of flour at this point, you can add more later if you want. When yeast mixture is all nice and foamy, add and the olive oil to to flour mixture and stir or beat with dough hook ’til fully combined.

Stromboli dough

Add more flour if you wish. Hand-knead for 8 minutes or machine-knead for 4. Dough should be VERY soft and glossy, but still hold a ball. Let rise is a warm place (like your oven; c.f., the insides of a recently-killed tauntaun – which, by the way, is now available in sleeping bag form) ’til doubled.

Remove dough from oven (or tauntaun corpse) and preheat to at least 485. Divide dough in two and roll out 1/2 into a large rectangle approx. 1/4 inch thick. Cut in two. Spread with whatever fillings you want and roll up tightly. Which brings me to the second distinction – don’t overfill the stromboli. And traditionally, a stromboli does NOT use a sauce. I did. What of it? I used tomato sauce, chicken sausage and provolone in some, pesto, sausage and mozz in others.

they see me rollin'

Bake for about 30 minutes or so or until they look done. Like this:


Yumminess of the Lambs

Oh YES. Time to catch up on the food aspect of this blog. I am now 3 behind in recipe/proof posts. Yes, I know. I suck. Whatever. Let’s talk lamb…

I had originally planned to to a lamb korma. I ended up going with a much hotter rogan josh. I used this recipe as a base (thanks to GogoBoots for the heads up to this very awesome blog), though I made some changes.  I added juice from two limes at the deglazing stage and used yummy greek yogurt (which is one of the reasons I added lime juice – greek yog is so freaking thick).  I used a whole tin of peeled san marzanos and changed the spice ratios quite a bit.

Unlike baking (where precision is mandatory if you want edible results), I generally don’t pay much attention to amounts when I am cooking. I focus on end results like taste and appearance – especially when it comes to seasoning and spices and making curries. It is surprising how much MORE you can use in cooking as opposed to baking. Ginger being a good example. I will grate as much ginger as I have on hand when cooking with it. But baking? A little goes a loooong way, as I learned in the ginger pear lattice pie episode.

Leg of Lambie-Poo

But I digress.  Back to the lamb. I have made many curries, but this is the first time that I used lamb AND the first time that I had to butcher my own leg. Note the above picture, which is NOT mine, but pretty accurately represents the state in which my lamb was at purchase. So, yeah, awesome, I must say.  Now I am entertaining fantasies about working the butcher counter of EF and learning the trade. Because it is pretty fucking clear that I need some edumacations on the process of cutting up animals.  Anyhow, I think I did a fairly decent job, all things considered. And have now added a proper knife to my xmas wish list.

Here is the searing portion of the process:

Lamb and stuff
Lamb and Stuff

And the curry-ing portion. Note that I simmered, lid on, for over an hour, as the lamb was very sinewy and, well, leg-y:

Lamb Curry

And, the end results:

lamb josh groban

…which very quickly looked like this:

mmmmm…. lambs is good

Demand-A-Dish: Tasty Meaty Pastry Edition

So, what with Thanksgiving coming up and all, my patience free time is a bit limited. I was thinking that it would be prudent to make/bake something this weekend that is (a) delicious and (b) can be thrown into the gaping foodholes of the kinfolk around here when I am too lazy too drunk too busy cleaning and handcrafting precious gifts for them to make their healthy and delicious meals. SO, I present to you this week’s Demand-A-Dish, which has been lovingly filled with an array of tasty meaty pastry possibilities. VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN!

Demand-A-Dish Holiday Ideas…

Hola dudes. So, I am toying with the idea of having super-huggy-snuggly-special Demand-A-Dishes during the holidays, in which some lucky reader actually wins treats – or, in better step with the season – win the sending of treats to a loved one. Imagine the delight on the faces of those dear to you when they get a surprise package of edibles love from you and the relief when they realize that you did not make them.

Obviously, this would present a problem if I have to make, say, boeuf bourguignon, as I don’t see that making it through the mail. SO, I am asking for suggestions for holiday-themed foods that could theoretically be sent places.  ‘Til then, gaze upon this beauty…

Holiday Wreath




Demand-A-Dish: Special Mix and Match Edition

Hola amigos! This week’s Demand-a-Dish is HERE at LAST! And for special funtime food making instructions, you get to tell me WHAT to make and HOW to make it.  First, pick a meat:

And now, tell me how to prepare it:

Demand-A-Dish is BACK!

Okay, so I am in the mood for something warm and homey.  So tell me what to bake:

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