Signs of the Times…

So, I couldn’t make it to the most recent town hall meeting due to fever delirium.  However, I am told there were a large number of progressive folks there.  I may have some video to post later.  But until then, Ash-Lee, activist super-hero and all around decent human being, has graciously allowed me to post her pictures from the event.  As usual, it appears that people are strongly opposed to abortion, progress, non-whites, non-christians, spelling, grammar, and common sense:






And my personal favorite:

So, all you anti-“Obamacare” folks out there still want to tell me this has NOTHING to do with race?  And what about this recent bullshit about Obama’s scheduled speech to schoolkids?  “Indoctrination” and “nazi mind-washing”?  Are you people insane?  I am sorry, but there is NO WAY that this sort of crap is not at least partially race-based. Where was this fear and rage before? From now on I am calling it like I see it. Gloves off.

These are people who are afraid that they are losing their white christian hetero male advantage. They see a black President. They see hispanic folks at their grocery stores. They see gay couples on t.v. They see women in roles of power. In other words, they see change is coming and that there is NOTHING they can do to stop it. But that isn’t going to keep them from letting the wealthy and corporate interests use their fear and manipulate them. That won’t stop them screaming about ‘healthcare’ or ‘taxes’ or ‘constitution.’ Two of which have always favored the white and the wealthy. But you know what? The Constitution favors NO ONE above anyone else. We are ALL entitled to its protections. So suck it up people. You had your chance. Change is here.

Bet you wish you had been nicer…