Demand-A-Dish – Special Holiday Pastry Edition

YAY! The holidays are HERE – and for me, that means time to make some fancy treats. So, I thought I would kick things off with a little Demand-A-Fancy-Regional-Treat action. Below are five different pastries and/or sweetbreads that I have not ever made before. (note that buche du noel is not on the list because (1) I have made it before and (2) plan to make it later this month).

If you have any experience with any of these, making or eating, please comment and share. . SO, vote early and often and TELL ME WHAT TO BAKE!

Demand-A-Dish: Tasty Meaty Pastry Edition

So, what with Thanksgiving coming up and all, my patience free time is a bit limited. I was thinking that it would be prudent to make/bake something this weekend that is (a) delicious and (b) can be thrown into the gaping foodholes of the kinfolk around here when I am too lazy too drunk too busy cleaning and handcrafting precious gifts for them to make their healthy and delicious meals. SO, I present to you this week’s Demand-A-Dish, which has been lovingly filled with an array of tasty meaty pastry possibilities. VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN!

Demand-A-Dish: Special Mix and Match Edition

Hola amigos! This week’s Demand-a-Dish is HERE at LAST! And for special funtime food making instructions, you get to tell me WHAT to make and HOW to make it.  First, pick a meat:

And now, tell me how to prepare it:

Demand-A-Dish is BACK!

Okay, so I am in the mood for something warm and homey.  So tell me what to bake:

Demand-A-Dish – Special Gourmet Recipe Edition

So, I am still recovering from the news that only the best food magazine in the history of EVER is folding.  So, in honor of Gourmet and all that it has given me over the years, this week’s Demand-A-Dish consists of recipes from Gourmet that I have never gotten around to trying.  Vote early and often!

Demand-a-Dish: Special Dinner Guest Edition!

Hola amigos!  So, some very kind and culinarily-skilled friends have invited the entirety of Clan SFL over for dinner this weekend.  I offered to bring dessert with the condition that precisely WHAT dessert I bring shall be the subject of this week’s Demand-A-Dish.  So, with some modified input from my friends, I present this week’s poll – vote away, mateys, and determine the gustatory fate of my gracious hosts…

So Tell Me What You Want

…what you really really want.  Hey.  That is rather catchy.  So, below is the poll for this week’s Demand-A-Dish.  I substituted chicken for veal, because (1) I still have lingering veal issues from 17 years as a vegetarian but mostly (2) I don’t have a solid consumer/butcher relationship established anywhere yet. And speaking of, if any local folks can recommend a good butcher, I would appreciate it.  Do we even still HAVE butchers? Anywhats, I digress.  So here is the poll, vote early and often…  OH and if you have thoughts on a particular quiche or trifle, add it to the comments section.