No Workaholics Here

I don’t know how this whole ‘workaholism’ thing got to be so popular. It seems like a weird rationalization of unhealthy and unhappy behavior to me, but what do I know? I have times (like now) where I am lucky enough to have sufficient work (note I said “work,” not paying clients – these are two very different things) and am actually at the point where I am going to have to start turning down work. I do not feel comfortable taking on any new clients right now because I think I do not have any additional time to grant to new matters.

Apparently, this is contrary to how most lawyers operate. I am informed that you never turn down work and that you just keep taking new clients, even if you don’t have time to actually talk to them. That seems absurd. I suppose the thinking is that you hire staff and associates to talk take over. I have no desire to do that. Also, it could also be a matter of what kind of work I do. Unlike most solos, I don’t do criminal, or personal injury, or domestic (anymore, that is another story), or social security, or anything like that, so I don’t really have to run with a large client base. In other words, I have a very low-drama practice and I like it that way.

Could I keep taking clients and make a shit-ton of money? Probably. But there is no way in hell I want to do that. I already did the billable hour robot associate gig at several different firms and it is just not for me. I don’t know. Call me lazy, but I just don’t like being that busy or stressed. I am not a “workaholic.” And I personally don’t see the virtue in that. I mean, if you are a workaholic, more power to you, live long and prosper and whatnot, but don’t expect me to do the same. When I am spread too thin, it makes me anxious and I don’t enjoy ANYthing. And I don’t do a good job at anything.

So, in light of that, I am taking the day off to get caught up on family and house shit. Laundry, painting, mowing, raking, cooking, baking, etc.  God I am giddy with delight…

And for those of you who are working today, here is a little food pR0n to ease the pain:

Mile High Lemon MeringueWhat kind of pie is this, you ask?


Mile High Lemon Meringue

Why, it’s lemon meringue!