Take the SFL Personality Quiz!

What kind of person are you? Take the quiz and find out!

If you answered “A,” you like slacks.

If you answered “B,” your feet smell like chili cheese Fritos.

If you answered “C,” you need a haircut.

If you answered “D,” you have a head in your freezer.

Demand-a-Dish: Special Dinner Guest Edition!

Hola amigos!  So, some very kind and culinarily-skilled friends have invited the entirety of Clan SFL over for dinner this weekend.  I offered to bring dessert with the condition that precisely WHAT dessert I bring shall be the subject of this week’s Demand-A-Dish.  So, with some modified input from my friends, I present this week’s poll – vote away, mateys, and determine the gustatory fate of my gracious hosts…