You Know What I Like?

Pie. Sweet, sweet pie. Here are some SFL pie pics to brighten your day. First, Ginger Pear Pie:

Ginger Pear Pie

Next, traditional Thanksgiving pies that my Nannie taught me how to make. I also credit her with teaching me how to properly roll pastry. The important part is that you take the scraps, wrap them around a paperclip on a string tied to a stick, and then fish for minnows.

Butterscotch and Chocolate Pies

Here is the Mommy Apple Walnut Pie and the baby pie (which I think really had bananas and Nutella in it):

Mother and Child

And here, truly the sexiest pie of all, the lemon meringue pie (which reminds – I need to do a post on meringue!):

Lemon Meringue Pie

What? Need a little more?



Time to Make the Appellate Donuts…

Just a heads up.  Not that I am the most prolific poster, and I certainly don’t post everyday, but I will be on the road for the next few days.  I am off to argue in one of our esteemed Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals.  Exciting stuff – a first for me and I will be flying utterly solo.  I will post some very redacted and vague reactions, comments, and tales when I get back, or possibly when I can no longer bear to flip through my argument binders anymore. Until then, have a lovely Monday, think happy food thoughts, and be decent.


Pie makes everything nice

Pie makes everything nice