Yumminess of the Lambs

Oh YES. Time to catch up on the food aspect of this blog. I am now 3 behind in recipe/proof posts. Yes, I know. I suck. Whatever. Let’s talk lamb…

I had originally planned to to a lamb korma. I ended up going with a much hotter rogan josh. I used this recipe as a base (thanks to GogoBoots for the heads up to this very awesome blog), though I made some changes.  I added juice from two limes at the deglazing stage and used yummy greek yogurt (which is one of the reasons I added lime juice – greek yog is so freaking thick).  I used a whole tin of peeled san marzanos and changed the spice ratios quite a bit.

Unlike baking (where precision is mandatory if you want edible results), I generally don’t pay much attention to amounts when I am cooking. I focus on end results like taste and appearance – especially when it comes to seasoning and spices and making curries. It is surprising how much MORE you can use in cooking as opposed to baking. Ginger being a good example. I will grate as much ginger as I have on hand when cooking with it. But baking? A little goes a loooong way, as I learned in the ginger pear lattice pie episode.

Leg of Lambie-Poo

But I digress.  Back to the lamb. I have made many curries, but this is the first time that I used lamb AND the first time that I had to butcher my own leg. Note the above picture, which is NOT mine, but pretty accurately represents the state in which my lamb was at purchase. So, yeah, awesome, I must say.  Now I am entertaining fantasies about working the butcher counter of EF and learning the trade. Because it is pretty fucking clear that I need some edumacations on the process of cutting up animals.  Anyhow, I think I did a fairly decent job, all things considered. And have now added a proper knife to my xmas wish list.

Here is the searing portion of the process:

Lamb and stuff
Lamb and Stuff

And the curry-ing portion. Note that I simmered, lid on, for over an hour, as the lamb was very sinewy and, well, leg-y:

Lamb Curry

And, the end results:

lamb josh groban

…which very quickly looked like this:

mmmmm…. lambs is good

Motivational Pasties

Yeah, yeah, I know.  I have not been keeping up with my shit lately.  But you know what? I have been pretty damn swamped with the lawyerin’ lately. Which is a good thing, considering I have a family to co-support and a bad thing, considering that the lawyerin’ sometimes most of the time makes me feel spiritually void and occasionally physically ill.  However, in the last couple of weeks I have got to do some of the lawyery stuff that I really like – namely, estate planning, appellate work, and pro bono stuff for people who really really need it.  So that part was good, but of course was mixed with a very heaping helping of crazy shit and the useless time-sucking procedural and handling crap that constitutes about 87% of what I do.  Specifically, straightening out other people’s fuck-ups because they didn’t listen to me and tried to do shit on their own, talking down hysterical and overly-emotional clients, and trying to figure out exactly how in the HELL I am supposed to draft/file/move for yet another novel thing in a yet another court I haven’t been in before.  As for the bad shit, I can’t force people to listen to me, other than dumping them as clients when they fuck shit up beyond repair and do things I have specifically told them NOT TO EVER DO. On the handling issue, I could avoid most of this if I would just quit giving clients my cell phone number. But I can’t realistically do that.  Likewise the procedural crap.  Sigh.  So anyhow…

It is could as hell outside – not your typical MegaChurch gays and liberals hell, but your old school, 9th Circle kind of hell. And I really really need to do some yardwork, or at least get rid of the scary looking tomato plants that finally succumbed to blight and creepy nasty bugs. So, I am thinking that I will bribe myself into getting off my ass and getting some shit done with the promise of some comfort food for dinner. SO, I believe I will be making pasties, possibly with lamb and gruyere, and some skillet potatoes for dinner.  That should get me (and possibly some able-bodied family members) up and moving.