SFL Ham of Excellence

Ham of Excellence

It is true that I spend a LOT of time mocking things and pointing out general suck. However, in addition to being occasionally for the children,  SFL is also about recognizing random awesomeness, local WINs, and, beginning today, the Ham of Excellence.

The HOE is a very special and tasty award that recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of excellence. Not every WIN can be a HOE. HOEs are for those who most truly and steadfastly rock, sometimes in ways we cannot even see or hear. An SFL HOE is someone or something that goes above, beyond, around, and through general excellence, past random awesomeness, and into a realm where unicorns frolic while drinking prosecco and listening to the New Pornographers cover ELO.

So, without further ado, I present to you the first winner of the SFL Ham of Excellence:

Elizabeth Warren - Ham of Excellence Winner

Elizabeth Warren is the the chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel and tireless champion/protector of the American middle class. You can read more about her outstanding excellence here, peruse her books here, or simply bask in her awesomeness and watch the clip below.

Rock on, Elizabeth Warren. Rock on.