Wall Street v. Main Street

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One of the key TEA Party Movement (TPM) issues is “smaller” federal government. Another complaint common to both the TPM and people in general is the slew of financial bailouts.  Right now, as most of you know, Congress is currently attempting to tack financial reform. My questions, then are these:

(1).  What do you think cause the current crisis?

(2). What do you think is the proper remedy?

(3).  What do you think is the proper approach going forward?

(4).  How important do you think a “free market” is to American society specifically? To any society?

(5).  How “free” do you think our market truly is?


I don't know why I posted this picture...

The United States Government is Brought to You By…

I intend to blog about the recent SCOTUS 1st Am/corporate personhood decision in depth, just as soon as I calm down, conquer the raging Idiocracy-themed nightmares, and stop vomiting long enough to read the decision. However, I can write with confidence that I do *not* like this decision one bit and feel very strongly that we need to get our shit together and force our congressional reps to sack up and do the right thing.

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Money Talks, Corporate Welfare Walks

Check out this fabulous wake-up post from Swashzone.

401K? I put all MY money in flour and sugar.

Inexplicable Celebrity Branding, Part 37

I have had a bag of these in my freezer for, I shit you not, 4 years now. Same bag. I have no plans to EVER eat them or even remove them from my freezer (unless to move them with me to a new residence).  I just sleep better at night knowing that Dwight is a part of my frozen food collection.

Since I Started Fryin' Again...