Thunder! Thunder! Thunder CATS!

YAY!  Top Chef Wednesday is here!  Sorry for the lack of posting – I have been a bit under the weather. Temperature of 104 is not so good for the making of sense.  Anyhoodle, I am feeling a bit better today – certainly well enough to live-Tweet Top Chef.  So watch the Twitter feed, I will blog some more apres Top Chef. ‘Til then, some food pRon for you:

Baby Blue Cupcakes

Top Wednesday

YAY!  Top Chef day has arrived!  Teasers are Todd English and a ‘dice roll’ for number of ingredients that the chefs can use.  Hmmmm…  What if you get a 1?  What WOULD you cook if you could only use 1 ingredient?  Are you allowed to season?  If not, I would cook SPAM.   SPAM is nature’s perfect dish.  Seriously, SPAM aside, what is the perfect, stand-alone food?   I would suggest an egg.  Think about it – let me know.  Anyhoodle, I will try to live-twitter Top Chef, but may be slightly behind live, due to babies and whatnot.  Until then, a little food pRon for you:

Pot Pies - the Perfect Dish