“Thank God For Fox News”

You can see a short clip from the Labor Day Teabaggery Event in Kingsport here.  The clip shows segments of local lord of the “Official” Republican Party, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey.  You will also see signs protesting Cap and Trade and “ObamaCare,” mocking Obama, demanding more prayer,  demanding that Government leave our “God Given” rights alone, including the right to make decisions for other people, and, my favorite, the “Thank God For Fox News” sign.  Yep – TOTALLY non-partisan.  They should change their official banner to read:  “Freedom for ALL [that are exactly like us].”  

And back to my favorite issue – the astroturfing factor.  If  the new Teabagger posturing is “grassroots,” then so are ‘Back to School’ shopping frenzies, mass obsession with teeth whitening, and the American love of dependence on foreign fuel.  How can these people not see that they are being totally used?  In my more depressed moments, I think these people are willingly being manipulated because talking donkeys like Beck give them something to hide behind and cover up their racism and bigotry.  ‘It’s not because he’s black – it’s because he wants to take all my money.’  Right.  

But see how clever the right is in this.  For example, listen to Ramsey’s rhetoric.  Ramsey is “frightened” – intentional word choice?  I have blogged before about the conservative/big business machine’s amazing ability to harness the fear and anger of the angry and afraid, and manipulate those people into doing its work.  So “frightened” seems like a very carefully chosen word.  Think about it – when has it ever been okay for an elected official – especially a conservative – to show, much less profess, FEAR?  Granted, I have only been cognizant for five Presidential administrations, but this is the first time I have seen this tactic. And, of course, the mandatory references to abortion because this continues to be the one single issue that will bring in more votes, and bring out more voters, than anything else.  So, fearmongering? Check! Abortion rally cry? Check! Beck would be proud. Got ’em all riled up with a bunch of sound and fury.

If these TEA events are truly about smaller government and less governmental spending, I certainly don’t see it.  Where were they before Obama became president? 

I wonder what the Libertarians think about the total commandeering of their party.  





  1. Salvador Dalai Llama said,

    September 8, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    All I can say is that thank GOD when George W. Bush had de facto control of all branches of government, he acted speedily to eliminate abortion and ensure the safety of all– what? Oh.

  2. southern female lawyer said,

    September 9, 2009 at 10:06 am


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