Healthcare – Chicken Soup For Us ALL

So, tonight our House Rep, Dr. Phil Roe, is hosting a local town hall meeting.  I am going, but without my favorite political sidekicks.  Throughout the campaign last year, the whole family – or at least our older child – went along to most events.  It was a great bonding and learning experience for us all and, I hope, instilled in our children the importance of being involved, paying attention, and being a citizen.  I had planned on taking K, our 10 year old and true activist in the family, to the town hall meetings, but in light of the gun show – and the fervor with which people are reacting to the proposed reform – have decided that the kids best be left at home.  This saddens me, but while I hope that I may just be overreacting, as a parent, I don’t think I have any other choice.  Perhaps I will go and find a calm, respectful gun-free gathering of folks.  Let’s hope so.  I will be twittering the event and will blog about it when I return.  ‘Til then, I will leave you with a picture from a child that is now in the Clinton Presidential Library to remind us all that the choices we make affect our children and that they have every much a right to experience the democratic process as do we:


From the Clinton Presidential Library

From the Clinton Presidential Library

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